Monterey County’s County-operated clinics are committed to offering high-quality medical services to County residents, regardless of their ability to pay. Our staff is dedicated to helping patients and their families with health and other related problems. We strive to maintain a welcoming, clean, and accessible environment that respects cultural values and individual dignity. It is our sincere hope that our activities will build a health Community for the shared benefit of all Monterey County Residents.

Our Goals

  • To focus on supporting and caring for the most vulnerable within the Community.
  • To provide high quality healthcare to all those unable to find it elsewhere, regardless of ability to pay.
  • To coordinate the finest sub specialty and hospital-based services available for our patients, helping patients navigate the system when necessary.
  • To recognize our patients’ personal preferences to the fullest extent possible when addressing their healthcare needs.
  • To protect the public through the containment and eradication of dangerous communicable diseases and through immunization programs.
  • To act as First Responders during unanticipated emergencies which directly impact the health of our Community.
  • To function as a healthcare resource for County residents, through public health advocacy, educational programs, and cooperation with other individuals and organizations within the public health community.

As an agency utilizing public funding, we are committed to effective and practical use of our resources at all times.