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  1. Senate GOP’s “Better Care” plan would put thousands of Monterey County residents at risk.

    When news got out that the latest Senate Republican health care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, would kill Medicaid expansion by 2020, Monterey County residents enrolled in Medicaid got nervous. “We started getting phone calls from our patients who are terrified,” says Julie Edgcomb, who’s in charge of clinics for the Monterey County Health Department and Natividad...

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  2. County breaks ground on a new expanded family health clinic

    Construction workers operating tractors set as the backdrop to the groundbreaking ceremony of a new Seaside Family Clinic on Sept. 22. Around two dozen community members, including Seaside Mayor Ralph Rubio and Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker, were at the new site at 1150 Fremont Blvd. They, together with partners from Clinica de Salud de Valle de Salinas and CHOMP,...

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  3. The Public’s Health Community Clinics

    Monterey County Health Clinics Deliver Personal Care with Health Care. Koren Blau-Monroe says she doesn’t know where she and her family would receive health care if not for the Monterey County Health Department Clinics. Blau-Monroe, a Salinas resident, is disabled. She and her family receive Medi-Cal benefits. Her husband is deaf and her 15-year-old daughter — a high school student...

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  4. County OKs plan to pay for health services for uninsured.

    President Barack Obama made another national media pitch Wednesday for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, with impressive figures on health insurance coverage released by the U.S. Census Bureau: The nation’s uninsured rate is now at its lowest ever. But Obamacare leaves out undocumented immigrants, estimated to number about 55,000 in Monterey County. The Monterey County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0...

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